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HOLY CANOLIS It's bene forever since I posted XD [Aug. 23rd, 2007|06:32 pm]
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Okay wow..it's been so long....

A LOT has happened...first off FANIME 2007 ROCKED SO much.

I met new friends, had a blast with the old ones, and got a LOT of awesome pictures ^^

I was the only Sai'X at Fanime which was sooo cool and my costume was good this time too so yay!! Tanya made such a CUTE Goofy. We had so much fun and I had the best room mates this time too which was just great. ^-^

I never thought I would have so much fun just hanging with my buddies and goofing off..but I really truly did.

After Fanime I met up with Inuashley and Marly a couple times, for a birthday and a photoshoot impromptu of course but it was FUN.

I love cosplay it just really truly makes things so cool. A nice break from the norm.

Speaking of the norm mom broke her foot falling down our stairs x.x; but it coulda been sooo much worse, thankfully it wasn't. My Great Uncle Jack died this summer  =( and as sad as it was aunt Deana seems to be doing ok.

I got a new job finally! I start tomorrow ^^ I am a teacher's aide for a private pre school. I am really really excited. Even though I gotta take some college courses each semester for a while but hey it's all good ^^

Also I dumped Blake.. -_- and haven't been able to even inform him he's dumped..cause..he never talks to me so..yeah..pffft.

I DO have someone VERY UNEXPECTEDLY who has become my new bf..and is surprisingly more sincere than anyone's ever been, he knows what I look like and still loves me, we call each other lots, talk every day and have done so for almost 6 months now..it's only been a month since he said he wanted me as his gf if I would have him..and I have to say he's been such a dear friend before that and even now..things are going well and..I haven't been so happy in a long while..

So who knows what lies ahead .. ^^
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ZRGSHTCDSEWEW!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAHH! [Apr. 13th, 2007|12:24 pm]
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HOMG!!!!! Fanime is NEXT MONTH! HGTYFUDUITYD!!!!!!!!! -spazz-

XD Nami is rubbing off on me. I am so excited yes I am!!!

Ok let's see I finished my Org XIII coat..zomg my hood works! I can even wear it OVER a wig! YUS! And my boot covers are done. My SleepyTime Sai'X is put together, and all my plushies are made.

I STILL need to finish the final little thread touch ups on the Peach and Daisy gowns, er..I'm seriously procrastinating on this because it's going to be a tedious task!

I have everything I need to make my weapons except a bit of white paint but I can get that later! O_o I wonder if Dad will start helping me work on them tonight? I want my Claymore! >O and my Chakram! >3 Bwahaha....yeah I'm a dork.

I'm so excited..seriously! I can't wait to see everyone again and to meet Nami and Roxas and Tanya at long last! XD LoL

As for my life outside con madness, I've enrolled in a gym, booyah! Drop the poundage! We shall see how much I can lose before con.. I want to look good but I'm hoping I don't end up needing to alter my costumes -_-; But maybe I won't..XD
Uh my ratties are not in top form, several have passed away, Hiei and Jitto..who was my old man and I miss them sooo much! and Now Saki is sick so he's being nebulized today, hope that helps him feel better.

I have an interview in like..an hour and a half! Trying to get OUT of Togos..I need money so I can get a car and insurance and..because if I have a car..and a decent paying job...I can..drive down to other fairly local cons for Saturday cosplay fuuun. I mean if it's local I would totally drive to it for one day and be a nut case. ^-^ cause I love it so much. And for me..anything that's within an hour and a half drive is local. Which would open like..three or four other cons up to me? Yus!

See? new job=MUST have. And so....I am..running off to get ready now! WOOHOOO!
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emo comes calling [Mar. 23rd, 2007|01:12 am]
[mood |lonelylonely]

Yeah I feel really..well I guess not emo but..sad?

My cousin is celebrating her aniversary of being with her boyfriend for so long this coming weekend. They plan to get married within the next year or two..and some of my friends have recently had hook ups and I *AM* happy for all of them. I'm not jealous of them or even of what they have..it's not envy but..I wish I had someone.

I guess I'll just have to throw myself into the madness of the con and try not to think about it as much as possible.

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Skit joys and woes [Mar. 10th, 2007|10:14 am]

Hmnn...it's cool for me to do the masquerade even if I bought parts of my costume, rules said so..-joy

Nami/Sora totally wnats to do this skit with me - JOY

We do not have a definate Riku to work with us - WOE

We revised the skit and made it within 3 minutes - JOY

And thus my delimma...but here's the new skit! XD

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Nothingness Pulls Me Away [Mar. 6th, 2007|08:40 pm]
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Wow...so long between posts why do I do this? XD I forget to type on this thing ugh!!

Let's see...Peach and Daisy are like nearly done..haven't gotten around to totally finishing them but so close really!

My Axel wig is workable so I am happy about that, I had feared it was damaged and knotted too much to use, but the knotting is minimal and underneath at the very bottom of the wig near the head so you really can't even tell. I DO need to re-spike it though..poor spikes..they are droopy.

Demy is doing an awesome job with my Sai'X wig I am so happy to have her, she's amazing. ^^

As for losing weight and my coat..still working all of that out X_x; but Hopefully I'll get there..my goal is to drop two dress sizes by May. So we shall see. >:O I am determined!

As for weapons..eh still don't have the cash to go down and get the materials yet, nor do I have the funds for my contacts..but in time..in time.

Stuff has been rough lately..I had to put Hiei to sleep at long last, he was such a fighter..it was very hard to say goodbye but he went quickly and I'm sure he's having fun with Goggie, Kura, Daisy, Iris and Rose now. I miss them all though..so much.

Jitto celebrated his third birthday..man he is an old lil rat now! And also had to go to the vet for some health issues but so far he's ok. Saki too.

I love all my babies..they mean so much to me.

I got a cell phone! Finally! And on a good deal too! Woot!

Hmnn back to Fanime now XD

I'm so excited, we have..an art table attempt planned for Saturday, hall cosplay, KH photo shoot, Cotton Eye Joe dance and Algorthym March, Genderbender cosplay, and I am hoping to do a skit.

If my Sora chan agrees and we can find either a Riku or a Kairi. ^^ But I've been told it's funny and cute so yay! I'll post it in a cut if you want to read but this is a rough draft so if it works I might change it a bit between now and Fanime..again..IF it works... I hopeIhopeIhope!

And if you know me..you know I am SPASTIC enough to WANT to be Axel for this XD

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PEACH!!!!!!!!! [Jan. 16th, 2007|11:15 pm]
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My Princess Peach cosplay gown for Fanime 2007 is coming along beautifully! I was so nervous about it!!! I had a brand new sewing machine, I got it for Christmas, mom and dad are the best! And so I figured I would take a crack at making a new cosplay outfit. Of course this was my first time doing anything so demanding. Granted my Org. XIII coat wasn't easy but I made it from a party costume I had so it was almost all ready done when I started. This dress I had to cut the pattern pieces out, cut the fabric, hem, turn, hem, pin, stitch, gather, stitch, hem, cut, etc.

It's not finished all the way yet. I still need to cut and sew the gold setting for the gem, sew the collar of the dress on, add the zipper, sew on the hip bustles and stitch up the back of the dress and add the gem to the front of it but then it will be dooone!!

I am soooo excited! WOOOOOOOOT!
It's not a perfect costume of course I am by NO means a master seamstress but I have to say it's not bad. And if I'm not screaming and crying over it myself then it's ok. So Friday when I finish it I'm going to try it on along with all its accessories I have and run around posing in my house lol.

So for Peach this is what my costume will consist of: Light pink&Dark pink gown, blue earrings, crown, gloves, pink shoes, pink laced parasol, pink glamor baggie (for holding cell phone/money/etc) and either my beanie baby Yoshi or a blue boo plushie.

Now I am also sewing together a Princess Daisy costume for my friend who is flying out to room with me at Fanime. My costume was a test run to make sure the pattern worked, I would rather mess up mine thine her's! But it came out pretty well so I can start Daisy soon. That one will be a little harder anyway, Daisy has two ruffle hems at the bottom of her gown and I'm going to have to sew each petal of her center flower plus find eyelet lace to trim her sleeves in, but it shouldn't be too tricky since the basic pattern is the same.

So Daisy is going to have: Golden and orange gown, crown, orange laced parasol, pink boo plushie, (hopefully) golden or orange glamor baggie. That's from my end, Tanya will have to get her own shows and Daisy earrings lol.

I'm hopefully going to make each of us a plushie turnip to play with, but I dunno, we may have enough props. XD I'm going crazy with this aren't I?

I'm also cosplaying Axel again, briefly, and I'm going to cosplay as Sai'X this year! Same coat of course but Demmy is working on a blue wig for me yay! And she bought me elf ears! XD I'll have to buy some black gloves and some kind of pink or reddish liquid eyeliner pencil to draw my scar on. I can't change the color of my eyes because I can't afford contacts, and for the same reason I will not have weapons this year, unless Mar manages to finsih her's and allows me the honor of borrowing it. But even without weapons it will still be fun. ^-^

We're plotting all kinds of crazy things to do. Namine is determined to topple a trash can when I am (TrashLord) Shaxel, it's an old private joke lol. I think we'll get in big trouble if she does though XD We're plotting to link arms and skip down the hall singing We're Off to See the Wizard! From the Wizard of Oz, along with just random acts of sillyness.
I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again, Hayner, Pence, Omlette chan, Riku, Spaxx, Dem, Xigbit, Mar, Ansem, Oni and I'm looking forward to meeting some faces I've not yet seen in person XD Namine, Tanya, Xemnas and hopefully Madison.
And Blake is going to be there too. I'm really looking forward to seeing him! <3 XD
It's going to be so much fun, and I all ready got permission for days off from work so all I gotta do is get my finances in order and buy my tickets! Woohoooo!

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Wheeeee Plans..so much to do!!! [Nov. 8th, 2006|10:59 pm]
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WOAH! It's almost Thanksgiving!! Yikes!

Time is flying so bad. Ok well I still do not have a job but I've applied at several places and I am going to follow up on them in a few days. So keep fingers crossed folks! XD

In the mean time I am making plans for other things that will occur in the fuuuuuutuuuure. LoL I know, I'm nuts.

Ok immediate plans are for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The annual dinner and silent auction is coming up and I always help set up the food table, auction tables and count the money for the missionaries afterwards. I also have to start working with my sunday school class to teach the kids the song they're going to sing for a special in December.

Now, specials I'm singing in December that I have to work on are....uh..O come Emmanuel, O Holy Night, O Beautiful Star, Born to Die...and..possibly Silent Night? That's a solo, a duet, and choir numbers and maybe another duet?? I dunno XD It's a lot of music but it's fun and it's Christmas music yay!!

We're going to do an all bulb Christmas tree this year, pretty glass ornaments only. It's going to be beautiful, reflecting the lights and stuff. I can't wait! I've also got to set up to do pictures with my little rats so I can create Christmas cards out of them. And I need to take Hiro and Duo to PetSmart to get a photo with Santa. I would take Jitto, but at his age I don't want to put him in any kind of stressful situation that might make him go from healthy to unhealthy. He's going to be 3 in February! 

Now, once holidays are over I'm going to have to gear up and focus on the next major event, FANIME!!! I am SOOOOOO excited! Woohoo! I'm rooming with Bo chan and Zexy this time. It'll be different but we'll still hang with Ansem and the gang no doubt. XD We're such a huge group now, it's going to be a blast. Bo and I are going to do the princesses from the Mario games, Peach and Daisy. I'm excited, even though I have to wear so much pink, and I have a lot of work to do lol.

I'm going to the mall with Sherie this weekend though, so maybe she'll be willing to swing me through to pick up the stuff I need to make the Daisy dress.

I have to get the three kinds of satin for the gown, the metallic fabric for the emerald, yellow or orange lace, a parasol, the pattern, gems, posterboard, glitter, headbands,and while I'm out I'm going to pick up the lace, parasol and gloves for my cosplay too.

I decided at some point, maybe in February, I'm going to order a coat for my Organization XIII cosplays. I'm going to have to get a blue wig, some elf ears and hopefully yellow contacts too...but that's at a later date.

So here's what I have planned for Fanime : Princess Peach, Axel, Sai'X, and at some point a FireKitty Axel. lol I like the tail and ear set Ansem got me, so cute!

Zexy is of course doing Zexion from Org. XIII 

Bo chan is going to be Princess Daisy, and MAYBE Goofy from the KH games.

XD I'm going to be so busy..once I get a job I'll have to work sewing and crafting costumes around work and maintaining my little mischief  of ratties. I love my babies so so much. 

Oh Sley chan! I forgot to tell you that the tape I made for you got lost. X_x; So sorry, but since it's Christmas..sorta...I could make you a Christmas tape and mail it with your Christmas card? I think I lost your address too. I'm so bad about that..I'm sorry. XD Just email it to me.
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Yaoi con pics sry it's a huge post! [Oct. 27th, 2006|05:59 am]
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These are all pics from Yaoi con that I've found. There are more but these are all I'm putting in for now. Xemnas, Xigbar, Oni, Talis, Gaara, DemyX, Ansem, Roxas, Sora, Sui Kun, Naruto, Sasuke..I had fun with everyone! Can't wait to see you all again!

Roxas has double the fun!

It's Sui kun! Or as some know him..Mr. 9 inches!

It's the cute Hayner! And Naruto and Sasuke..er out of costume but still fun!

XD this is the ONLY picture I have found of Oni...but isn't he hot? Yes he is...and a very cool person too! Yay Oni!

Roxas and Sora! This Roxas is quite the seme! She shoved me and what not. I am a happily abused Axel!

It's Talis!!

Uno lessons! I had never played before, and I won once! Go me!

Ansem! In all his heartless balding mexican glory!

Org shot with Xeanhort? XD They rock I love them all!

DemyX rocks out in front of the elevator. Air Sitar!!

Awwwww Riku and Sora are so cuuute!

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(no subject) [Oct. 25th, 2006|12:54 am]
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Yay! Time to go into greater depth about Yaoi Con 2006! Through the eyes of one shiney Axel....well I was the only shiney Axel..but yeah..through my eyes then XD

     These are pictures taken of me on Friday. When I find more photos of all of us from later days I'll put them in a new post! XD
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I'm back from Y con! [Oct. 24th, 2006|12:29 am]
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Oh my goodness...there is SO much to say. Bah and I'm tired so let me start off by saying it was amazing and I had SO much fun and there were so many awesome people there and and and....like...I'm going to wait and do this properly tomorrow so I can give it the detail it needs.

Just saying it was awesome.

I sum it up by saying I had SUCH a great time that at the airport after Ansem had boarded her plane, I cried for a while because I was so sad it was over.

The reason it brought me to tears I will explain in great depth much later...ie...tomorrow.
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